Localization & Translation

Native & Qualified Resources

Multiple Language

Multiple Source Format

Target Languages  

We offer more than 100 language pairs. But, We focus on Asian languages. 

Our advantage on target languages are South East Asian languages: Burmese, Indonesian, Khmer, Malay, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, and North Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean. ... more

Source Languages

We offer English, Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean as source language

But our advantages of source language is English and Japanese. more


We can handle well General, Technical, IT, Business, Life science and legal domains. Details are provided below. 

Our Advantage is Technical, Life science and Business domains.   more

High Workload

Translated Volume

  • Yearly: about 12 million words
  • Monthly: about 1 million words.
  • Daily: about 50K words


  • Monthly: up to 2 millions words
  • Daily: up to 100K words.more.

Multiple File Format


  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Indesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, 

Software & Websites

  • XML, HTML, Java properties, Javascripts
  • EXE, DLL, .....

Compatible with other CAT tools 

  • SDL TRados, memoQ, Pasolo, Alchemy Catalyst ...more

QA Process

We can offer various QA process such as only translation with 10% QA or Translation and Review/Edit. Below is full QA process:

  • Translation
  • Review
  • Correction
  • Review correction
  • Final Approval (QA)more.

Life Science, Medical & Pharmarceutical

Life science expertise is our advantage. We have large team of qualifed linguists. We have done about 15 milions of words in the field of healthcare & life science.  Below are some typical products:

Healthcare: Health Insurance, Consulation, Clinical Trials, Regulatory

Medical Devices: Various medical intruments.

Life Scieneces: several hundreds of medical / health care products.

Others:  more

Patent, Legal & Business

We have done about 5 milions of words in the field of Business.  Below are some typical products:

Finance: Accounting, Financial Statements, Insurance, Financing, M&A, Securities, ...

Banking: Banking Technology

Human Resource Management: Labor regulations, recruitment, training, team building, ....

Sale & Marketing: web localization, marketing colaterals,

Legal: .... more.

IT & Technical


We have done about 10 milions of words in the field of automotive, machinery, electronics, home appliances, ...

Automotive: Car/Truck Owner's Guide, Workshop Service's manuals

Machinery:  Contruction machines's user Guide,  

Electronic: TV, home appliances user's Guides, service's guides

IT & Software: Google, Twitwer, Microsoft, Fusitsu, NTT, SaleForce, ...

Others more