Quality Assurance

Process focused

Quality Control

Continuous Improvement

Quality Statement

1. Prompt and Honest Responce;

2. Native & Qualified Resources;

3. Up to date Technology & Tools;

4. Adhere to QA Process;

5. Ontime Delivery;

6. Continuous Improvements;

7. Keep Confidential;

8. Reasonable Price;

9. Comply agreed Terms & Conditions.   more

Native & Qualified Resources

  • Screen CV > Interview (by questionair) > Test (both translation & tool) > Negotiation > Agreement
  • Criteria: BA of linguistic + 2 year experiences
  • Probation:
Continuous Improvements
  • Online collaborative environment
  • Quarterly performance review
  • Continuous improvements.
Large pools
  • Total qualified resources: 600
  • Number of PM/PC/QC: 15  more.

QA Process

We offer various QA process such as only translation with 10% QA or Translation and Review/Edit. Below is full QA process:

  • Translation
  • Review
  • Correction
  • Review correction
  • Final Approval (QA) more.

Quality Control

All reviewing/editing jobs are reported in QC reports. Translation is evaluated and measured by quality score.

We have built criteria of Failed, Acceptable,  Good, Excellent to categoried translation quality. Above figures are results for all translation jobs from 2012.

Percent rate of each category is based on the only translation. So quality rate of full QA process is very perfect (it seems no defect). more

  Continuous Improvements

To keep continuous improvement, we implement following processes:

  • Online communication between project members
  • Root cause analysis
  • Post-morterm
  • Quarterly performance review
  • Yearly Quality System review

Client's Satisfaction

Our client's satisfaction is based on numer of claims per total number of projects.

Client's satisfaction rate is greater than 99.5% more


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