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Cloud Translation Management System (cloud TMS)

Our cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS) enable us to access  from anywhere, by any devices and by any time. We can cooperate with each others world-wide. This helps us to be consistent in project communication, quicky assign & accept jobs  and cut off project management time (details).

Beside this, cloud-based TMS help us to manage TMs, glossaries, style guides  centrally. So it can be accerlerate project speed and consistency. more

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Online Collaborative Environment

Cloud TMS provide our team with colaborative working environment. All translators, reviewers/editors can share their comments and have good decision of translation, also our team qualification and project time is improved continuously.

This features also help our PMs can track project quality and deadline strictly. It seems that misdeadline is very rare with us. more

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Workflow Automation

With cloud TMS we can customise and setting specifications of project team, workflow, TM, termbase and file formats as required. Then such project can run automatically regularly.

These functions can help us to save time of project management, speed up delivery, keep consistent project quality and no minimum charge for long time. more

MT Intergration & Management

Our cloud TMS is intergrated with MS Translator and Google Translate. They are machine translation engine with AI solutions.

Most impotance that is how to control and manage MT output. Our cloud TMS has functions to manage MT and human translation, to track changes of post-edit and calculate the efficiencies. Basing these functions we can improve MT output, control MT and ensure output as human translation.more

Online In-context Review

In localization, translators & reviewers have to do translation without context. This is a limitation to translation quality. But our cloud TMS has functions to display in-context online to help translators and reviewers to understand the context and chose right meaning to improve quality.more

Comprehensive Cloud ERP

Beside cloud TMS, Vnloctra also own comprehensive online ERP. This system helps clients, vendors and employees can submit, register PO, invoices, also tracking payment very conveniently. It can save a lot of time.more