Flexible - Competitive - Effective

Pricing Unit

Regularly, we charge by source word for most of latin-based languages.

Here are some languages we charge by character: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Lao, Khmer, Arabic, ...

We charge DTP cost per hour or page, term work, testing per hour, more

MT & CAT rates

We applied discount for CAT rate like this:

100% match (reviewing),   Repetition,   95%-99%,   85%-94%,  75%-84%,  <75% - No match.

We can negotiate on CAT scheme and MT rate. more

Minimum Charge

We apply minimum charge equal 1 hour PM cost to cover over-head cost.

Also, we can negotiate on this issue.


Surcharge of Rush jobs

With respecct to large project we can negotiate to charge a fixed amount to adapt client's budget. more

Term of Payment

Regularly we applied 30 days term of payment, but we can negotiate term and method of payment, It depends on types of project. more

Engineering Charge