DTP Specialist

Vnloctra Co.,Ltd.
12th floor Vinafor building, , 127 Lo Duc street, Hanoi , Vietnam
08/15/2018 14:01:42

Tasks & Qualification

  • Prepare technical environment for DTP task.
  • Re-layout and format as original pages.
  • Printing DPF for proofreding.
  • Correct errors suggested by DTP QA
  • Proofreading as required.


  • Experienced DTP tools: Indesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator, MS Office ...
  • Knowledge of fonts (unicode), typing tools & typing method for most of languages.
  • Be careful, detailed mind, pateince

Rate & Payment

  • Rate: Please quote rate per page and hour rate.

  • Payment term: Monthly invoicing and payment are made on 10th of every month.

  • Payment method: Accept paypal, wire transfer