About us

Company features

Company Name:          Vnloctra Language Technology Company Limited
Short Name:                Vnloctra Co., Ltd.
Address:                     unit 706 North Star building, 4 Da Tuong street, Hoan Kiem
                                district, Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone:                 +84 4 3941 3763/4
Fax:                           +84 4 3941 3760
Business Scope:           Translation, Localization, DTP, Testing, Engineering
                                 Services of information technology and other related services
                                 Software development

Business & Tax code:     0105 649 553
President/CEO:              Mr. Nguyen Duc Manh

Vision & Mission

To be a Reliable Globalization Partner in Asia.

Connect East - West. We would like to help all businesses on the world to reach any market successfully.

Company culture

Client orientation:
Our thoughts, our behaviors and our activities focus on client’s benefits. We consider client’s benefits as our top priority.

Professionalism: Open, honest & prompt response; detailed mind on works; improve work quality at any time & any jobs, if possible;

Share value: We shall make profits not only for our clients but also our vendors (freelancers). Besides we also share company value with our employees.


From 1991 to 2005, Vietnam Translation & Information Technology Company limited (INFOTRA Co. Ltd.).

From 2005 to 2011, joined with WCL Technology Joint-Venture.

From Oct 2011, Vnloctra Language Technology Company Limited.

VNLOCTRA is set up basing on all above experiences and resources. We understand that the past is important, but the future is more important. We shall write our own history for next time.

Management team

Mrs. Nguyen Kim Oanh - MA of Linguistic in Chinese & English - Senior Linguistic & Cultural expert – Chairman

She has around 30 years of translation experiences. She has more than 10 publication works on Vietnamese & Chinese literature.

Nguyen Duc Manh, BA of IT, Linguistic and Law – President/CEO

He has more than 20 years of experience in translation and localization industry. He was the Managing director of Vietnam Translation and IT Company. Then, he was CEO of WCL from 2005 to 2011. He has abundant of experiences of building new team to handle several million-word projects, such as Oracle’s eBusiness for both Vietnamese & Indonesian, Honda projects, Well-point project, iOS for Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai and Malay …. Now, he is building and leading Vnloctra’s team.

Organization chart