Why Us?


Reliable means that we shall deliver what we commit. Please refer our Quality Statement & Targets to know what we commit.
Beside this, we invest to our employees and keep them work long term with us so that our service is stable for long term.


Faster: means that we shall try our best to deliver our services faster than client’s deadline. Faster also means we shall try our best to be faster than ourself and than our competitors. This make us out of other vendors.

Better: means that we shall follow any client’s requirements and continuously improve our process, tools and resources to deliver better and better services. Better also means our quality must be better other competitors.

Cheaper: means that we shall not only apply the most updated technology to cut the edge and reduce prices, but also applied best practice of localization project management to assure quality, deadline and effective cost. Cheaper also means that our price must be cheaper than our competitors.

In-house resources

To assure our quality, we maitain large in-house resources in most rewarding & high standard environment. This is key factor to meet deadline and quality in Vietnam & South East Asia. This makes us distinct from a lot of other translation agencies.

ISO 9001:2008 process

Very few of translation vendors in Vietnam and South East Asia apply this standard. We believe that this standard make quality for us. This is our key differentiator.