Standard Project Process

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ISO 9001:2008

Processes Make Quality

We understand the importance of documented processes to make quality. We have prepared all neccessary documents in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038. All documents cover Quality Statement & targets, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Defects (error) management, Preventive & Improvement. All our activities shall follow strictly these processes from first step of first thing. To get certificate of ISO 9001:2008 is just the time. We shall get it as required.

Quality System

Each specific process also has 4 key phases: preparation – processing – delivery – post processing.

1.  Group of processes to review service agreement (client’s requirement)

Service agreement’s review process is to identify client’s requirement & check availability of qualified resources. This process assures the company services to be handled by only qualified resources. Beside this process, account management process assures on-time communication and updated client’s information or requirements.

2.  Group of processes to assure qualified resources

This group assures input elements such as human resources, technical resources.

a.   Human resources management covers not only in-house human resources, but also vendor and freelancers. They are recruitment, evaluation and training processes to assure qualified human resources in accordance with EN 15038.

b.    Technical resources management covers not only infrastructures management such as computers network, tools & software and internet connection, but also data & project management system, security & backup facilities. These processes assure technical competences to handle client’s materials in appropriate manners and assure on time communication. And it provides measure to protect client’s intellectual properties (keep confidential).

3.  Group of production processes

Total production process includes phases of Preparation, Production, Delivery, Post production. It also is project management process.

Preparation: There are 3 aspects of preparation processes:

admin preparation – project registration, project assignment, project data folder creation, kick-off meeting

technical preparation – tools, fonts and files preparation

linguistic preparation – source text analyze, glossary, style guide,…

Production: translating >editing > DTP/Build & testing > reviewing/proofreading > QC (final verifying)

Delivery: wrapping – checking – delivery > Client’s feedback > corrections > Delivery

Post production: update TM, glossary, style guide, postmortem, client’s claim management.

4.  Group of support activities

Terminology & glossary development, style guide development (including common error database), other engineering processes (Data convert/entry, Align, LQA inspection ...).

5.  Group of processes to assure quality & continuous improvement measures

Non-confirmity management (including RCA (root cause analyse), improvement & correction measures, preventive measures.), quarterly/yearly performance review, quarterly/yearly quality plan, quarterly/yearly internal auditing are to assure all process steps are done and handled appropriately.